Vivo V9 Review: Impressive camera and must-buy phone

By Rajracing | Last Updated: April 20, 2018- 3:58 pm
Specifications fo Vivo V9 to be launched in India

The company had already released some specifications of the V9 on its Indian website, ahead of the launch.

One Lac for a phone is way too much, no matter how much you justify it, though Apple is known for making high end products, and the iPhone X does look incredible. Especially that full screen view and the notch design on top of the screen which houses the face tracking sensors and camera. It was inevitable that the giants in the east would find a way to replicate the design in a cost effective way. Though we expected it from the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei, but tis innovation comes from the least expected place, which is Vivo. A manufacturer known for their Selfie phones has come out with a beautiful iPhone X clone, that’s bigger, better in some ways, at an unbelievable price point.


What We Loved

Let’s start with the display. The Vivo V9 sports a gorgeous 6.3 inch 19:9 display that they dub Fullview, which occupies the entire front face. With a 90% screen to body ratio, the bezels here look a lot thinner than those on the iPhone X. There is a slightly larger bottom bezel though. The notch too on the top is slightly smaller, allowing for more of the status bar. The notch houses the whopping 24MP front facing selfie camera, that’s also the Vivo’s main selling point. The Display itself looks great, with it’s FHD+ resolution, things look crisp, even though it’s not an OLED panel, but you’re standard IPS panel, which is still great, with really good viewing angles. The best part is that the phone is about the size of a standard 5.5 inch phone, but you’re getting a much bigger display than even the iPhone X.

The internals are pretty standard, packing in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626, Octa-core 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU with an Adreno 506, standard stuff. With 4 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64GB expandable upto 256 GB through MicroSD. The phone has dual sim capabilities too. Making this a great all rounder, with decent specs for the price point. Which is great considering the excellent display out front. Performance wise we did not face any slowdowns at all, even with several apps open in the background. As a whole the phone looks superb, with great build quality all around. Without the heavier glass of the iPhone X, the Vivo felt a lot thinner and lighter with a great profile. With the Fullview display, it’s not sure how the phone would handle drops, so it’s best you get a good glass screen guard and a nice case.

Camera wise, the phone was really good for everyday shooting, especially the front facing 24 MP camera was great at capturing details. The higher megapixel count really helped with the in built beauty mode. The rear dual camera setup is a vertically mounted 16MP and a 5MP shooter to complete the iPhone X look. The cameras shoot some great pics with a really cool HDR mode that made majority of the daylight shots look great. There’s also a portrait mode that uses AI to create a bokeh, which worked well on simpler backgrounds. The color reproduction was great, not overly saturated but looked really nice on the IPS display. Below the cameras is an easy to reach fingerprint sensor that was quite responsive.


What We Missed

Our biggest concern at this point was the software and how it handles the notch. Vivo has their own custom Funtouch OS over Android 8.1 Oreo, which is very iPhone like, with no app drawer. Honestly, I was not a big fan of the 3D spins and embellishments, that always end up bogging the phone down later. Though the notch was pretty well handled, with a slightly bigger than usual status bar that took the color of the app you were using. Several apps we used looked great, though things seemed to be moving at a micropixel level. Small niggle but as a whole it looks great. For that full iPhone X experience, there’s also face unlock. As a gamer I liked the picture in picture view and the mini keyboard, as well as the non intrusive notifications which were great while playing PUBG.



At 22,900 you cannot get a better deal than Vivo V9, except maybe the Oppo F7 which is a bit cheaper but drops a camera at the back. That said, if you want the iPhone X like FullView display at a price you can afford, the Vivo V9 is right up your alley.