TimeCamp: App Review

By Techpads | Last Updated: February 20, 2018- 2:58 pm
TimeCamp Application Review

TimeCamp has a peppy UI. The app is user-friendly and fairly intuitive. Even someone tracking time for the first time can understand the functions quite easily.

If you’re concerned about your productivity or that of your team or you wish to manage team projects or update your boss on what you spent the day doing, here’s a mobile app that will help. The TimeCamp mobile app helps you log time, manage team projects and generate important reports on the go.

Founded in 2009, TimeCamp had initially launched a desktop widget to track billable time and project profitability. The company has two offices, on in Los Angeles, USA and the other in Wroclaw, Poland.

After experiencing traction with the desktop app, the mobile app was launched, both for iOS and Android users. TimeCamp is available on Google Play Store and iTunes for free. The app is supported by all Android devices of version 4.1 and above and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that have iOS 8.0 or later.


What We Loved

TimeCamp has a peppy UI. The app is user-friendly and fairly intuitive. Even someone tracking time for the first time can understand the functions quite easily.

Registering is easy, and the app allows you to remain logged in and reset the password if necessary. One also has the option of changing the date format as well as start day of the week.

One can easily maintain timesheets with TimeCamp. It lets you create projects and divide these into tasks. The mobile app allows you to manage tasks in great detail, including the length or duration of the task, the start and end times as well as the description. You can start a timer and track time of your existing projects or you can create time entries manually.

You can easily create and browse all the projects being worked on by your team. TimeCamp has a search option, which works smoothly. The app also gives you the option to browse the status of ongoing as well as finished projects, both individually and collectively. You can view and edit historical data and plan ahead.

As an employee, you can view, fill in or edit your timesheet manually. One can also mark the time entries as billable or non-billable. The app allows you to make notes to the tasks, which come handy as a reminder.

One can access certain features of the TimeCamp app offline, like logging your time.

“Thanks to TimeCamp, users can register their tasks using a smartphone or another mobile device and track time for them automatically or add entries in a manual way. Our software allows you to save an extra hour per day,” commented Kamil Rudnicki, Founder and CEO of TimeCamp.

When asked about the goal of creating the mobile app, Rudnicki said, “The app was made with a view to aid employees working outside the office without the PC. They can set the projects by themselves on their mobile devices, and project managers are able to look over the reports and monitor their effectiveness. One glance at the timesheet to be sure everything is under control.” The CEO further added, “Our customers say that the app is perfect for on-site work, switching between projects and tasks and tracking time is a breeze.”


What We Missed

On mobile devices, especially iPhones, the buttons and tabs are actually quite small. It needs a little practice to get used to tapping them accurately. The app works best for managing freelancers. Essentially, it is good for for smaller teams, with fewer projects. For larger teams, however, the app can become too heavy and syncing may take considerable time. Would have been good if the app could track certain things automatically (like skype calls) and give you the option of adding it to your timesheet.


Final Word

TimeCamp is an easy-to-use app, backed by a young, capable and enthusiastic team. It’s a good choice of app if you work on the go and need to update your team members. It gives you the flexibility of updating your timesheet or managing projects even when you’re away from your computer.