Indian Railway Train Status: App Review

By Techpads | Last Updated: January 24, 2018- 6:15 pm
Indian Railway Train Status App Review

Indian Railway Train Status App gives live running status of every single train, to station status, time tables, PNR enquiry, reservation date calculator, and a unique berth & seat calculator, it gives the user all the tools needed to plan a smooth journey.

If anything can give you a sense of control over the hugely unpredictable Indian Railways, it is the Live Train Status app, available both for Android and iOS devices. And if you are wondering which apps you should definitely have in 2018, this one will definitely make that list.

Although it was launched way back in 2011, given that not much publicity was done for it, not many Indians know that they can have such a powerful tool in their hands that offers some degree of understanding and predictability to the running of trains across the huge subcontinent.

“The app was released in 2011 out of the need felt while travelling, especially at night, to know the live status of the train: is it running on time? where has it reached? The information was available online, but not mobile friendly. The app changed that – the concept proved a hit, and led to the rise of a whole new category of live train tracking apps! Now, the app also a provides GPS based tracking option – called the live train map – which works offline while travelling in the train and is a great way to instantly know the exact status,” stated Mohan Noone, Developer at Indian Railway Train Status.


What We Loved

The amount of information available on the Indian Railways Train Status app really does make it much easier for anyone travelling by rail. From the live running status of every single train, to station status, time tables, PNR enquiry, reservation date calculator, and a unique berth & seat calculator, it gives the user all the tools needed to plan a smooth journey.

The app also gives you the option to add on home screen widgets and “QuickMarks” for almost instantaneous access to information with just one touch. And, with the “Train Mic” you can even conduct voice searches, both in app and with the new widget. In addition, the app caches time tables and PNR status offline, to allow the user to check such information at any time, even without internet connectivity.

To add to all this, you can even access in-train status, which means that while you are travelling, you can check exactly where the train is at a given moment, when it will reach the next station and when it is scheduled to reach your destination. Never has a railway traveller had so much information on their hands, being able to plan ahead and even inform people of changes in ETA, if any.

What we especially liked was the berth & seat calculator. This can be very useful for those who need a lower berth or prefer an aisle seat. Moreover, the reservation date calculator tells you the date on which reservations open for a specific date of travel, giving you an edge to book your seats in time to not only get confirmed tickets but also choose the berth you prefer. Wait, there’s more. You can even set a reminder for the date that reservations open so that you don’t miss out on this golden opportunity.

Impressed? The app’s offerings don’t end here! You can even share time tables, live status, and status of the train between stations with the help of dynamic links that also update information, as and when such updates are available.

The developers have also launched a companion app, which can easily be installed by choosing the “More Enquiries” option. And, don’t forget to “Launch Map,” to check the exact location of your train on Google Maps. However, for this, you will have to give permission for the location feature on your smartphone.


What We Missed

The app is definitely a commendable effort to give the consumer all the required information to plan a seamless journey. However, just like any other app that attempts to achieve so much, it does have some limitations. For instance, the updates available might be old at times, with refreshes not occurring as regularly as one would have liked. Of course, a lot depends on the Indian Railways updating their information, so we can’t really blame the app for all the delays.

Some users have complained of the app hanging or crashing at times. The developers have fixed some of the bugs, so we do expect the app to run more smoothly going forward. The performance and design have also been tweaked in the January 2018 update.


The Last Word

Overall, this is a great effort to make the Indian Railways more manageable for the consumer. The Train Status app definitely gives a much-needed sense of control to travellers, offering all information essential to planning a journey. It definitely gives us a lot of hope that public services in India can be modernized and made user-friendly. We would definitely recommend this app for anyone wanting to travel by train in India. And, seeing that there have already been 10,000,000-50,000,000 installs on Android devices alone, Indians are welcoming this app with open arms.