HOOQ App: Gateway to Unlimited Entertainment

By Techpads | Last Updated: March 21, 2018- 5:08 pm
HOOQ App Review

HOOQ app allows users to sync up to five devices, with support for simultaneous streaming on two devices. You can download five titles for offline streaming.

The HOOQ is a video-on-demand (VOD) app, which lets you download and stream movies and TV shows on your laptop, cell phone or tablet. All you need is a good internet connection, and you can have access to over 10,000 movies and TV series, which include the latest Bollywood blockbusters, award winning TV shows and Hollywood new releases.

The app is functional on Android and iOS devices. For Apple devices, only iOS 9.0 and later versions can support this app. You can also use this app on your desktop and smart TV. The app is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.


What We Loved

The subscription price of HOOQ is Rs.89 per month, which makes it one of the cheapest VOD apps in India. Apart from that, it offers transactional video-on-demand (TVOD), in which you can rent content on a pay-per-view basis.

The streaming service is jointly owned by Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Singapore’s Singtel, which makes the new releases available on the app within 12 hours of their US premieres. Some of them include highly popular series like The Flash, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory, Arrow and Lucifer.

The movie content boasts of around 1,800 titles, including new movies like Baby Driver, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them among others. HOOQ has recently shifted its focus towards Hollywood content, taking cue from customer feedback. The team realized that a good number of viewers preferred to watch Hollywood content on the platform and, with stiffening competition in this space, such a change in emphasis was required. With its TVOD offerings, the app aims to offer its users the latest Hollywood hits, some of which are not released through the country. Many of the viewers who do not reside in the metros can now see the latest releases.

The app has ample content for the ‘desi’ viewers as well. It is focusing on dubbing some of its content to suit local consumer needs. Movies and shows in Tamil, Telugu and other regional languages have been dubbed to make them watchable by viewers across the country. There are foreign contents like Korean series, Anime and Bollywood titles which have been dubbed in English for convenience.

The app is simple to use. Simply download the app and install it on your device. You’ll need to sign-up or simply log-in if you’re already a member. The payment method has to be chosen next, which is highly secure and doesn’t take much time. After you pay for subscription and verify your email address, you’re ready to go!

There are content posters in every category from ‘newest arrivals’, ‘popular in Hollywood’, ‘popular in your country’ to specific genres such as horror, romantic comedies and sci-fi. The menu-bar has a search toolbar, in case you wish to search for a specific title or want to watch content from a specific director or actor. The ‘My Library’ option shows all the latest titles that you have downloaded or viewed.

In the settings option, you can update your account information or make changes in the app service. You can select your preferred video quality as high, medium or low. This allows you to stream easily even with lower connectivity. Viewing controls pop up on the screen, wherever you tap. You can choose to have subtitles through them, alter the audio track settings or change the video quality. If you tap on the poster content of a TV series, you get to see the synopsis of the show, its popular ratings, drop-down menu of seasons and episodes, a Facebook share button and similar titles. If you stopped watching something midway, you can go back to the content and watch it right from where you left off.

The app allows users to sync up to five devices, with support for simultaneous streaming on two devices. You can download five titles for offline streaming. There are no ads on the app. Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime, without any hidden charges involved.


What We Missed

Not all content is available in the subscription offering. You might find the latest titles available only on rent. But the ownership of the app by prominent studios enables the availability of such content at lower rates. There are certain foreign content, where English subtitles are missing. The random tapping of interface controls can lead to delayed response in rare occasions, but that can be easily tackled with normal usage.


The Last Word

The HOOQ app is being touted as ‘Asia’s Netflix’. While it has much content to add to reach that stature, its partnership with big names like Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. will prove to be beneficial. It also promises the latest movies at low prices and enables us to watch more series, having same-day release as the US television premiere. The market is currently flooded with VOD apps and there is stiff competition, but HOOQ is cheaper than most of them out there, which makes it more appealing.