Beauty Plus – The Easy Photo Editor and Selfie Camera

By Techpads | Last Updated: March 5, 2018- 11:53 am
Beauty Plus Application Review

Beauty Plus app is really easy to use, and provides some powerful photo editing tools, artistic effects and AR filters to take your selfie-taking game to the next level.

Who wouldn’t want to look beautiful, right? And, especially when looking great doesn’t take much effort!

Beauty Plus is an editing app that lets you do easy and attractive modifications to your portrait pictures and videos, making them look better than before. You can smoothen your complexion, remove those blemishes and do so much more using the various functionalities provided by the app.

It runs on all Android devices of version 4.0 and up and all iOS devices of version 9.0 and up. Over 300 million people worldwide have chosen this app to edit their selfies and videos. A total of 800 million selfies have been edited with this app so far.


What We Loved

The app is really easy to use, and provides some powerful photo editing tools, artistic effects and AR filters to take your selfie-taking game to the next level. You can create beautiful and natural looking photos in a few seconds using more than 30 editing tools. The app has been developed by Meitu, which has created various other useful apps for Android and IOS devices.

In developing that app, the company claims to have worked with well-known makeup artists, photographers and common people, in order to understand how different makeup styles affect the way people look and what styles work the best for specific face shapes. They want the people who use the app to be able to show-off their natural beauty, without using any harsh filters. The app’s main priority is to bring out the natural beauty of people, without letting the pictures look fake.

The skin editor function lets you lighten or darken your complexion in the photos. It contains a skin smoothing tool to help you even out your face colour overall. With the blemish remover, you can get rid of those unwanted pimples, black-heads, acne and other skin problems, that erupt without warning and ruin your pictures. All these disappear with just a tap.

Working long hours without sleep? Studying for that exam? You can erase those nasty eye-bags or dark circles. You can also brighten your eyes and make them look bigger in the photos. There are options for colour customized contact lenses that can be added to match your eye colour to your hair.

The teeth whitening tool can help to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. The all-new auto-retouch function lets you preview your photos and videos live in Beauty Plus. If you need a quick re-touch, simply let the selfie editor do the work for you.

There are special effect brushes on the app too. You can choose from options like glow, neon, hearts and stars to add a dash of spunk to your photos. The app not only allows you to beautify your pictures, you can also edit your photos professionally, by using the studio mode.

The blur option lets you take on a professional look after a quick blur. If you want to re-size your photos or crop certain images, you can do that too. There are over a dozen filters available, right from romantic to dramatic to add special elements to your images. The pictures can be enlarged, slimmed down, rotated or stretched according to your wishes. All the modifications can be done with small and almost imperceptible retouches, with a tap of your finger.

Beauty Plus works both with the front and the rear camera. So apart from selfies, you can edit images of parties, functions and family get-togethers too. The multiple face recognition option lets you take group photos with ease. In case you don’t want to remain behind the lens all the time, there is the selfie-timer, so that you do not miss being in the group photos and get perfect hands-free shots. The app automatically adjusts exposure in case of low light conditions. When you are done with all the editing, simply share your photos on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.


What We Missed

The AR filters of the app require storage space of at least 1GB on your phone. So, using this app along with other apps on your phone can make your device slower. Apart from that, you need a minimum resolution of 480×854, without which the filters do not function properly. This means that the filters won’t work as they should on some phone models. But, most of the phones which come with Android 4.0 and IOS 9.0 and upper versions, have all these functionalities. There are some options like re-shaping or firming your face, that don’t come for free.


The Last Word

Overall it is a great app to make your photos and videos stand out from the rest. It comes with a user-friendly interface, so not much time is needed to figure out the app. So, if you are one of those people who delete pics because you’re not looking your best in them, this app can make you photogenic in just a few seconds.