Apple Watch Series 3 Review

By Rajracing | Last Updated: January 16, 2018- 3:44 pm
Full review of the new Apple Watch series 3

The Series 3 smartwatch tends to drain out the iPhone battery pretty fast, especially if you have one of the older models, like the iPhone 6s.

After months of planning and anticipation, I’ve finally got my hand’s on the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm. It’s amazing how the Apple ecosystem of software and services keeps growing and expanding and with the help of my dear friend Krunal Desai, we have come up with a full review of this newest Apple smartwatch.


Look and Feel

The design of Apple Watch series 3 is similar to the Apple Watch series 2

Controlling music on iPhone through the Apple watch is good but not that smooth. It does hang a bit when you move from one song to another.

The design of the watch looks similar to its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 2. Though the body is sleek, the watch did look smaller on my hand since I have a broad wrist. Besides, I am also used to wearing chronograph watches which are much bigger in size. In fact, the Series 3 is light enough to make you feel that you are not really wearing a watch. I also felt that the strap is a little inconvenient to use. As for the icons on the smartwatch, they are too small making it difficult to see them in the first glance. But eventually you do get used to them.


Pairing It with Your iPhone

Pairing your watch with your iPhone is the easiest thing to do. Simply open your watch app on the iPhone, turn on your Bluetooth and scan the image on the watch through the watch app. The watch syncs all your contacts, mails, pictures and much more. You can even add more apps on the watch after selecting them on your iPhone.


As Good as a Fitness Band

The Apple watch fulfils all your fitness requirements. You don’t really need a fitness band if you have an apple watch. The fitness tracking is accurate while the activity app helps you set targets and gives you reminders which is a good thing for a lazy person like me. This app also keeps a tab on your heartbeat, when you rest, when you walk, whether you need to drink more water and so on and so forth. The Series 3 watch has a Breath app which indicates at regular intervals that you need to stop everything and breath for a minute.  This is something that I found to be really good as in everyday life you don’t pay much attention to your breathing which is very important.


Siri Comes with a New S3 Processor

The inclusion of a new S3 processor means Siri can now talk out of the watch. But I was a little disappointed with Siri. For example, if you have to send a message, Siri does find the person and asks you what to send. But when you read out the text, it just does not send the message in one go. You then have to send the message manually. Calling someone also does not happen with one command. Similar is the case with Music. Siri does test your patience. In Apple’s iPhone X, you can access Siri by holding the button on the right of the phone instead of holding the home button.


Listening to Music on Your iPhone

One of the biggest drawback I found in Apple smartwatch was connecting it to Bluetooth devices. I have Bose Bluetooth earphones and when I tried to connect them to the smartwatch, it could not find the earphones. However, controlling music on iPhone through the Apple watch is good but not that smooth. It does hang a bit when you move from one song to another.


Speakers and Microphone

Listening on the Apple watch speaker is good if you are in a place where there is less noise. Using the microphone on the watch in a noisy environment is a bit tedious. You have to hold the microphone closer to your mouth and shout a little so that the person can hear you out.


Battery Life

The battery life of the watch is very good. It can work easily for one-and-a-half days once it is charged. However, how long your battery will last depends on your usage. But the Series 3 smartwatch tends to drain out the iPhone battery pretty fast, especially if you have one of the older models, like an iPhone 6. On testing, I found the smartwatch to be more compatible with iPhone 8 and iPhone X, with little or no impact on the phone’s battery life.


Offers Good Functionality

The best feature of the watch is its functionality with regards to sending messages, emails, taking or cancelling calls. You don’t really have to take your phone out. This is especially helpful when you are on the move or in a crowded place. The radius of connectivity of the watch with the phone is very good. So, you can keep your phone away and access important calls, messages and much more through the watch. For me, the Instagram app did not work.


The Last Word

To conclude, the Watch 3 series is priced over 29,000 which I think is a bit expensive. But considering all the above features, I would recommend the watch as it not only acts as an extended phone but also your fitness tracker, your music remote and offers you a quick convenient way to stay connected.

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