1mg App Review

By Techpads | Last Updated: February 5, 2018- 6:27 pm
1mg Application review

On 1mg apart from prescription medication, you can also look for non-prescription health products here, such as winter care products or fitness supplements and personal care.

Today, we do everything online, from shopping to banking, so why not take care of our health needs online too? This is what 1mg helps us do. The app, available for download on Google Play Store and the Apple Store, is a mobile version of the website, 1mg.com, which is essentially an all-in-one medical store. Whether you need to buy medicines, find a good doctor near you or even have samples for diagnostics tests picked up from home, the app lets you do all that and then some.

Apart from prescription medication, you can also look for non-prescription health products here, such as winter care products or fitness supplements and personal care. You can also look at alternative treatment options, such as Ayurveda and homeopathy.

The app has won many accolades too, from being ranked the top app in the medical category in India on both Android and iOS, to being rated one of the best “Made in India” apps in 2014 by Apple. In addition, it was recognized by the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs as a useful m-health initiative, beneficial for the consumer. The app has also won the Frost & Sullivan Award for “Innovative Healthcare Service Delivery Model of the Year” and the VC Circle Award for being the “Most Promising Healthcare Startup.” 1mg has also won the m-Billionth Award for m-health in South Asia.


What We Loved

With Google Play Store recorded 5 million to 10 million installs for 1mg, it certainly seems to have the consumer’s sweet spot. What we loved was the ease of ordering prescription medicines. Rather going from pharmacy to pharmacy to find one that has a stock of the meds you need, all you need to do is put in the name of the allopathic, homeopathic or ayurvedic medicine you need and upload the prescription, if needed. You even get a 20% discount when you order meds online.

The app is truly pan-India, catering to 502 cities across the nation, with not just prescription medicines but also over-the-counter health products like Patanjali, Diabetes Care, etc. Another point in its favour is that 1mg offers you a cheaper substitute for the medicine name that you might have typed into the search box. So, you can actually consider on savings money, which can be a lot, given that some alternatives could be as much as 90% cheaper than the brand name you are looking for, without compromising on quality. And, if you are on long-term medication, such as for your heart, blood sugar or blood pressure, this could be well worth it.

This app also gives you what a pharmacy or even your doctor might be unwilling to share – the side effects of a specific drug. This is of vital importance, especially during pregnancy and lactation.

What was also a bonus with the app was that we could check a doctor’s track record, from user reviews and feedback, while also learning about their consultation fee, timings, address and even booking of appointments. You can also consult a doctor for free on the app for minor problems.

Topping the list of positives for the app, even more than the 1,00,000+ medicines it has listed, is the ability to not just book lab tests online but also have samples picked up from your home. You even get to access your test report online. In addition, the app offers savings of up to 30% on lab tests.

With the skyrocketing cost of healthcare in India, 1mg definitely comes as a breath of fresh air, offering some relief from huge medical bills.


What We Missed

If we really had to look for problems with the app, we would need to be very nit-picky. It is a robust app but its success does get affected by the skill level of the people delivering the services. Some users have complained of the experience level of the lab techs sent to their home, while others have been disappointed with the delivery process.

Although we did not experience any such problem, if we really were to pick something that we missed, we would say that while the app has the Delhi NCR, southern Indian states and Rajasthan, UP and West Bengal covered, the remaining western and eastern states still need a good m-health app.


The Last Word

Overall, this is a great app with comprehensive health features, along with regular health tips and information from medical experts. We would definitely recommend it for everyone because health is something that none of us should ignore.