Has Samsung removed its USP from the Galaxy Note 8?

By Techpads | Last Updated: November 7, 2017- 1:54 am
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leak News Revealed

Samsung Galaxy note 8 has fingerprint scanner,which is going to be external instead of invisible Sensor.

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for Samsung to finally release the Galaxy Note 8. With the phablet finally expected to release on the 23rd of August, many rumors and leaks are out in the media. A lot has been said about what the phablet is going to look like and what features it is going to support.

The current impression about the Galaxy Note 8 is that it is going to have a dual camera system, angular edges and smaller sized bezels. While all these features are only going to enhance the value of the phablet such as giving it a better font and improving image quality, there is one very important feature that has not made the final cut.

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Samsung has said that it had been working on a fingerprint Scanner that would be placed inside the glass. This invisible sensor would have been the first of its kind in the market. The feature would make sure that the sensor would be in the exact same place that it had been in, in the previous phablets. However, the most recent reports have revealed that the Scanner is not going to be in the final design of the phablet.

This has, in fact, been confirmed by the manufacturers of cases. They have said that the cases are going to be big enough to accommodate the flash, fingerprint Scanner and dual cameras. This is further proof that the fingerprint sensor is going to be external instead of invisible and inside the glass.

The doing away with this feature might turn out to be very dangerous for Samsung as it was going to be its Unique Selling Point and major talking point in the media. On top of that, Apple which is its main competitor is trying to do away with the physical fingerprint sensor as well.

Only time is going to be able to tell what the final designs of both these major smart phones are going to look like. In the meantime, there is a lot that has been said about theĀ Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Let us see which company turns out to be the first to do away with the over-the-glass fingerprint Scanner, or if some third player manages to do it first.