Microsoft’s Office 365 Launched in 96 New Markets, 44 Languages

By Techpads | Last Updated: November 6, 2017- 12:50 am
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has introduced Office 365 in 96 new global markets. With this move the company has made the software available in over 246 markets across the world in 44 languages. Moreover, Microsoft also announced that the integration of LinkedIn with is now available to consumers. This integration enables users of email to view profile pictures, insights and much more in their inbox.

The company’s Corporate Vice President for the Office team, Kirk Koenigsbauer, said in a blog post that “People even in Antarctica and the Republic of Congo can now enjoy the benefits of Office 365’s new apps and features to help organisations of all sizes accelerate digital transformation.”

With Microsoft’s Office 365 it has become relatively easy to access information while using Word, Excel as well as Power Point. Now subscribers can share files with their peers and re-use as well as preview slides, tables and graphs of their previous documents. Moreover, viewing of content can be optimised with the aid of mobile learning tools like Immersive Reader as well as Read Aloud.


OneDrive Files On-Demand

In addition to this, updated translation tools enable users to translate sections or portions of  text and a complete document. This text can be saved as a document file. Also, the Word on iPad in Office 365’s Translator supports a total of 60 languages. Eleven of these languages make good use of neural machine translation.

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Apart from the above tools, the Microsoft Office 365 comes with a new set of Cloud enhancements which make it easier to manage files. The most touted Cloud feature is the OneDrive Files On-Demand. The Windows 10 update enables you to access OneDrive as well as SharePoint files without occupying all your desk space. Moreover, the new 3D support in OneDrive allows you to enhance, organize and share your visual as well as  creative impact with 3D objects.