The Two Recent Apple Updates Every User Should Know About

By Techpads | Last Updated: October 13, 2017- 6:52 pm
Apple has launched iTunes 12.6.3 update

Apple has launched iTunes 12.6.3 update, which retains features that were removed in iTunes 12.7.

For Apple users who had been disappointed with the iTunes 12.7 update, here’s something to rejoice. The company has launched iTunes 12.6.3, which retains features that were removed in iTunes 12.7.

Streamlining iTunes

Earlier in September, Apple had released iTunes 12.7 for both Windows and macOS, as an attempt to unclutter the software. The aim was to bring the focus back on music, although iTunes still included TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks.

The 12.7 version completely removed the iOS App Store from iTunes. Users could no longer use their desktop iTunes client to store their app library, sync apps or ringtones between the iPhone and iPad, or check the bestselling app charts.

When 6 Comes After 7

Realizing that many users were unhappy with the iTunes 12.7 update, Apple has now released a special version of its iTunes software – iTunes 12.6.3. Although the company has positioned this latest version as something that businesses may need in order to perform internal app deployments, iTunes 12.6.3 is available to anyone for downloading.

Despite the version number being lower, iTunes 12.6.3 can be installed even by users who have already upgraded to iTunes 12.7. You will not receive notifications prompting you to upgrade to iTunes 12.7, although you can do so by manually downloading the installer.

While retaining the features removed last month, iTunes 12.6.3 supports iPhone 8, iPhone X and iOS 11 devices.

The Downsides to Consider

If you opt for 12.6.3, your library will no longer be compatible and you would need to create a new one, and manually rebuild it. What is more concerning, however, is that Apple has hinted towards not providing any technical support for this special iTunes version. The company emphasized that it provides support only for the latest version, which it considers to be iTunes 12.7, although 12.6.3 was released later.

Another Update to Manage User Complaints

Users were disappointed not just with the iTunes 12.7 update, but also with iOS 11, released on September 19.

Following continued user complaints, Apple has now released iOS 11.0.3, which includes only bug fixes rather than any feature updates. The latest iOS version update is available to install for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s.

Apple has now released iOS 11.0.3 Update


The Complaints with iOS 11

Users had been complaining about the malfunctioning of haptic feedback, a technology that communicates to your phone that a touchscreen button has been pressed. Users had also been experiencing a continuous crackling sound during calls. Other complaints included the phone getting hung when apps were opened and the battery draining too fast.

iOS 11 Updates

Apart from addressing these complaints, iOS 11.0.3 includes fixes for touchscreen issues being faced specifically by iPhone 6s users. The latest update follows last week’s iOS 11.0.2 update, which aimed to fix crackling noises on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The iOS 11.0.3 update can be installed via OTA (over-the-air) or iTunes. Apart from iPhones, the latest update can be installed on certain iPads and iPods too.