World’s lightest phone finally makes its way to India

By Techpads | Last Updated: July 15, 2017- 5:30 pm
Elari Nanophone C in India

If you have been looking to get a digital detox without completely cutting off contact with the rest of the world, the solution to your problems has finally reached India. Erali’s Nanophone C is finally available on Yerha for only Rs 3,940. This phone, which is deemed the lightest phone in the world, is so sleek that it could fit inside the pocket of even a child.

In terms of design, the mobile is thin with round buttons on it, giving it the look of a remote control. While it does not support many of the features that smart phones do, it has the ability to connect to both iOS and Android smart phones. The most important thing is that it can be used to make and receive all the calls that you would from your smart phone. Users can, if they want, utilise this mobile as a secondary phone.

The phone can support 1000 contacts and high quality audio. It also has a dual sim, a TFT display of 1-inch and oval buttons. It supports Bluetooth, MP3 players, FM radio, voice recording and has an alarm clock as well. The 3.5 mm aux port that has been provided on the exterior can be used to connect the phone to whatever device you want.

The battery life of the mobile phone is commendable and has a stand by time of 4 entire days. This is due to the superb quality of the Polymer Battery that the mobile utilizes.

Fitting this phone into the tiniest spaces in your purses and pockets is going to be no problem thanks to its compact size. The mobile weighs only 30 grams and has a height of merely 3 inches. However, this tiny exterior does not prevent it from having a commendable storage of 32 GB.

For those of you who cannot hang up the phone, this is going to be very pleasing news for you: the mobile phone has a talk time of 4 hours! The best part of this sleek yet well equipped mobile is that it can be used to prank people with fake calls through a feature called the ‘magic voice function’.

Elari Nanophone C in 3 different colours

This mobile is available in three beautiful colours: Rose Gold, Silver and Black. The Rose Gold colour version phone has a great contrast of the light soothing background and the sharp black of the buttons. The silver version looks a lot like an iPod used too in the earlier days, due to the colour combination. The black colour version looks a bit like a remote control owing to the fact that the buttons as the background are black.

We personally would prefer to buy the silver color version of the mobile as it looks sleek and sharp, along with making us nostalgic about the earlier days of the iPod. So hurry up and try to get your hands on this phone because the first set is already sold out on the website.