Will the V30 finally be launched by LG?

By Techpads | Last Updated: July 17, 2017- 10:47 am
LG V30 Launch Date

LG is going to have a major launch on the 31st of August this year and has been giving out hints that the launch is going to be of the V30.

Rumours about LGs latest smart phone, the V30, have been circulating since a long time. However, there are now reasons to believe that the phone is going to be launched in the near future. The company is going to have a major launch on the 31st of August this year and has been giving out hints that the launch is going to be of the V30. A teaser released by LG shows a silhouette in the V shape, giving everyone reason to believe that it is going to be the successor of the V20.

The LG V20 was packed to the brim with amazing feature such as two screens, removable battery, microSD support, dual camera, quad DAC and Android Nougat as well. It is expected that its successor is only going to be more impressive in terms of features.

The rumours which have been circulating are that the V30 is going to be the first LG phone that will have an OLED screen (after the LG G Flex-2). It is also likely that LG specs will have Snapdragon 835 powering the phone. These rumours have been fuelled by Google saying that it will support the Daydream VR. This statement has further fuelled rumours that the display might be of a flexible nature and might even contain a signature curve.

The phone is also rumoured to have 64 GB, 3200 mAh battery, ESS Quad DAC support, a headphone jack as well as IP68 certification. Rumours also exist about the V30 having wireless charging, a glass rear and a rear scanner for fingerprints.

Tweets from Evan Blass, a tech insider, have all but confirmed that the V30 is going to have a double screen just like the V20. However, his posts have given a disclaimer that the mock-ups that he has posted are old and might not be what the actual V30 ends up looking like.

Smart phone enthusiasts are optimistic that LG is not going to do away with its 3.5 mm headphone jack as that will take away one of the best features of the V20. They are also hopeful that the display will be HDR ready as that will only enhance the features of the phone.

LGs teaser image, which was in a 2:1 ratio, has made people at Gadgets360 say that the V30 might have a FullVision display. This would be similar to the display found on the LG Q6 and G6 phones.

If the pricing of the LG V20 is anything to go by, then its successor is not going to be cheap as well. The estimated prices of the V30 are said to be around USD 700 for the model which will have 64 GB storage capacity.

However, every single thing about the V30 is simply a rumour and all that one can do is wait for the 31st of August and see what is it that the company is going to share with the world. Let’s all hope that the features of the LG V30 are exactly what is expected and maybe even more.