Samsung Teases iPhone Users in New Ad

By Romila Sundaresan | Last Updated: November 7, 2017- 3:37 pm
Samsung teases iPhone users in new ad

This battle between Samsung and Apple isn’t only about who gets the most sales, it has expanded to billion dollars worth of lawsuits for both companies.

If there ever was a war of the smartphones, none would be as epic as the battle between Samsung versus Apple, which translates to Galaxy versus iPhone, and at a more basic level, Android versus iOS. And each side has its own share of die-hard supporters. Unfortunately, this battle isn’t only about who gets the most sales, it has expanded to billion dollars worth of lawsuits for both companies. Taking this battle to the next level, Samsung’s latest ad actually mocks the iPhone. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.


Samsung Never Misses Any Opportunities

This battle started almost at the same time as Apple launched its very first iPhone. By 2012, the war had heated up to the extent that Samsung released not yet but a series of ads that made of Apple’s fans, mocking the company as being outdated and boring. Unfortunately for Apple, Samsung did seem to be winning the war, eating into the former’s market share with its flagship Galaxy smartphones.

Fast forward to November 2017, and Samsung releases a one-minute ad, titled Growing Up. Within the span of just one minute, the Korean major was able to poke fun at almost every single USP of the iPhone, from its screen size to its limited storage and even its lack of weatherproofing.

Of course, the small detail of the Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames in 2016 was carefully avoided! I’m sure if Apple were to make an ad in response to Growing Up, it might name its commercial Going Up (in Flames)!

On the other hand, one has to commend whoever thought up the Samsung ad for the little things that they managed to put in that make the ad all the more powerful. Did you notice the guy in the long queue, reminiscent of the people queueing up to order the latest iPhone? Check out that guy’s notch-shaped haircut! Then there is the end, where the iPhone is relegated to the drawer with other discarded items, while the guy opens up a new Galaxy Note 8 box.

With unerring timing, once again Samsung has been able to release an ad at the same time as an iPhone has become available in stores. This battle doesn’t look like it will come to an end anytime soon.