The Android O developer preview is finally here!

By Techpads | Last Updated: August 28, 2017- 12:47 pm
Android O developer preview is finally here to launch by the end of the August

Android O (or Android Oreo) developer preview is finally here, This version is the fourth version of the company and is also the final version.

Google has finally launched the developer preview of the Android O which is going to be its operating system on mobile phones towards the end of the year. This version is the fourth version of the Android O and is also the final version that the company is going to release before the official release takes place. The Android O is expected to launch by the end of August.

The latest update is all about the stability and the incremental updates that the operating system is going to have. There are going to be minor changes to the Android Emulator, Android SDKs and tools. The version 26.0.0 of the Android Support Library is now considered to be stable, however, the focus still stays the same. The focus remains on ensuring that the apps can be tested by developers before the final version is rolled out to the users.

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The newest version introduces to the user’s better support for notifications, autofill and picture-in-picture. There will also be features that will enhance the battery life of the device. The operating system will also have dots appear on the app that will alert users of any notifications they might have along with a streamlined settings menu.

This developer preview is available for regular users as well. It can be enrolled and run on devices such as Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus Player. If you are downloading this developer preview, do keep in mind that this is software that has not been officially released yet.

The official launch of the Android 8.0 (many suggests that it could be called as Android Oreo) is expected to be on the Pixel and Nexus devices. The operating system will then most likely be launched on other Android phones. We encourage developers to test their applications on the beta version that is out already. It will ensure that their apps are both compatible and functioning properly with the new operating system.

We have to now wait for the launch of the Pixel 2 to see the Android O in action. To learn more about the Pixel 2 and its rumoured features, click here.