Viu App: A Hub for Korean Content

By Techpads | Last Updated: March 20, 2018- 4:46 pm
Viu App Review

Launched in India in 2017, Viu is a premium OTT video-on-service channel that features some of the most popular Korean dramas as well as content in other languages like Hindi, Chinese, Telugu and Thai.

The Korean Wave, which refers to the spread of Korean music, movies and drama, has made its way to India. Teenagers as well as young adults seem to love K-pop and K-drama, with groups like BTS and serials like Descendants of the Sun becoming popular across Asia. The popularity of such content has risen exponentially, so much so that apps like Viu are targeting the Indian viewer with content from Korea and other Asian countries.

Launched in India in 2017, Viu is a premium OTT video-on-service channel that features some of the most popular Korean dramas as well as content in other languages like Hindi, Chinese, Telugu and Thai. This app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes for free. Premium content on the platform is available at a monthly subscription of Rs.99.


What We Loved

The app is simple to use with a user-friendly interface. The homepage features trailers of the latest Korean dramas, the latest episodes of ongoing serials and entertainment news. Content is broadly divided into categories like Recent Releases, Latest TV Shows, Korean Variety Shows, Japanese Dramas and You Might Like. This allows easy access to the latest shows and the trending ones. Alternatively, the search function can be used. It works fairly smoothly with the use of metatags

The app allows users to stream content directly or download the content to be viewed offline. Viu offers video streaming quality of up to 480 pixels and an HD resolution of 1080 pixels. The minimum download speed for SD quality is 1 Mbps. From the viewing history, users can resume watching videos from the point they left off.

The multi-screen synchronization feature allows the viewing progress to be automatically synced across different viewing devices. Viewing experience on the whole is a delight with Viu’s patented DAT™ technology, which gives users access to seamless streaming and a no-buffering view of HD quality videos. Users can change the video quality on their devices to suit the speed of their internet connectivity.

The regional content comes with subtitles in multiple languages, including English, Malaysian, Chinese and Thai. With each video, there is a host of information regarding the content; episodes, its synopsis, star casts, date of releases and other trivia.

Viu allows easy bookmarking. The video thumbnails have a circle with a plus sign inside. Touching this adds the show or episode to your bookmark.

The channel features Korean dramas from the top 4 broadcasters – SBS, KBS, HBC and CJ E&M. The app makes content available to Indian viewers as fast as 8 hours after their Korean telecast.

For those not keen on Korean content, the channel has a wide collection of Bollywood and Tollywood movies and TV shows. In the app’s ‘Flavor’ section, users can select Hindi and Telugu, rather than Korean, to get suggestions for relevant content. There are special sections, like the one dedicated exclusively to Salman Khan, featuring his best movies till date.

Opting for the premium version will allow users to mirror cast their favorite shows on their television screens, with an ad-free experience. Apart from that, there are exciting features like points redeeming options, to get access to more exclusive content.


What We Missed

The app specializes in Asian content, so there are fewer options for viewers interested in Hollywood titles. On that front, the app has a lot to include for Bollywood lovers as well.


The Last Word

The app is operated by PCCW (Pacific Century CyberWorks) and has been successful in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, before making an entry into the Indian market. It has 4 million subscribers, owing to its exclusive content in regional languages. Viu is trying to indulge viewers with other tastes, by including Academy Award winning movies such as ‘Spotlight’, in its list of titles. It also has a good collection of music videos and documentaries.