Top 10 Paid Android Apps Launched in 2017

By Techpads | Last Updated: December 28, 2017- 6:24 pm
Top 10 Paid Android Apps Launched in 2017

Here are some of the best paid Android apps for 2017.

There’s an app for everything we do in our daily lives… well, almost everything! In 2017, we spent about 2-and-a-quarter hours every day using mobile apps. The time one spends on apps has been rising continuously, with an increasing number of apps being launched every year. Here are some of the best paid Android apps for 2017.


SafeInCloud Password Manager Pro

This app enables you to store your passwords, logins and private information in an encrypted database safely and securely. It offers you the flexibility of synchronizing your data with another tablet, phone, PC or Mac via your Cloud account. Your phone, computer and tablet are also synchronized automatically amongst each other through a Cloud.


Automatic Call Recorder Pro

This app enables you to record phone calls you need and choose calls you would like to save. You can listen to the recorded calls, make notes and share them. Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive enables calls to be synchronized and saved to the Cloud too.


Call Recorder License – ACR

This license key can remove adverts from the ACR Call Recorder. It offers premium features like the ability to begin recording in midst of a conversation, auto emailing, deleting shorts recordings automatically and enabling Dropbox and Google drive integration.


Nova Launcher Prime

This app acts functions as a license to unlock the features available in Nova Launcher. Gestures enable you to swipe, double pinch, or double tap on your home screen to access favourite apps. Unread Counts ensures that you don’t miss hangouts, SMSes, Gmail and much more by using the TeslaUnread plugin. In addition to this, there are custom drawer apps, hide apps, Icon swipes and ample scroll effects.


Now Playing Log

This app enables you to keep a log of songs from Google’s Pixel 2 ‘Now Playing’ feature. Songs are displayed in a list and sorted according to when you hear a particular number. For each song, the album art is downloaded and displayed next to the track.


Moon+ Reader Pro

This app is a well-designed book reader offering powerful controls and functions. It offers much by way of fast and speech compatible PDF support, Text-to-speech engine support, attractive themes and background fonts and images, share support for annotations, highlights and bookmarks.



This popular app allows you to scan, store, sync as well as collaborate on various types of content across tablets, smartphones and computers. You can use your device’s camera to scan notes,receipts, invoices, business cards, whiteboard discussions, certificates, to name a few functions.


Daily Expenses License

This license activates all functions of the Daily Expenses app and works well in versions 2 and 3. It enables you track your expenses and income, classifying them category-wise. You can also schedule recurring records, create a backup of your database, modify or delete your records, and ensure that your data is secure by using passwords.


Runtastic Pro

This app allows you to track your fitness regimen. It indicates the speed, time, distance, calories burned and other fitness parameters while jogging, running, riding a bike or walking with a GPS. What’s more, it enables you to be a part of the global fitness community and offers tips from professional coaches.


Sonic Runners Adventure

This fun app will enable you run with Sonic, the speed legend, and his buddies in an action-packed game. You can jump, run, flay or dash across thrilling platformer levels and across the roads. Gaming buffs can save Sonic’s universe by taking Dr. Eggman head-on across four iconic locations.