Redmorph Enters India With Android Security App

By Techpads | Last Updated: January 29, 2018- 5:55 pm
Redmorph Security App to Get More Features

Redmorph is scheduled to launch the iOS version of its mobile security app, which will be available for download on iTunes.

The Ultimate Privacy and Security Solution has made its way to India. Redmorph has launched its mobile security app for Android in the Indian market, which has overtaken the US to grab the second spot in number of downloads in a year.

The mobile security app assesses the risk posed by each app that a smartphone user installs and allows the user to control and protect their privacy and security. The US-company’s mobile security solution has powerful algorithms to inspect all system and user apps to determine and minimize risk, and shows the user what the apps are doing in the background.

Redmorph’s security app offers much more than the currently available anti-virus or VPN apps, as it includes a firewall and is able to track each app’s network activity to determine the permissions that are being violated.

Redmorph claims that with behavioral and predictive analysis, its app uses contextual logic to identify and block suspicious or malicious apps.


The Need for a Security Solution

App insights company App Annie said in a report that an average Indian smartphone user has almost 80 apps their device. The report also said that mobile app downloads in India have surged 215% between 2015 and 2017. With such statistics, a security and privacy solution will add great value for smartphone users. The need for such a security app has been created by massive and growing unauthorized access of user data and user tracking without their knowledge. Most users are unaware of the extent of such risks and don’t know what to do about it.

“Consumers are finding it difficult to make informed decisions, allowing apps multiple permissions to access data due to permission fatigue. This could lead to misuse of user data. At Redmorph, we are committed to helping people better protect their privacy online,” Redmorph’s Founder and CEO Abhay Edlabadkar said in a statement.

Redmorph’s smartphone security app for Android is available for download on Google Play and is priced at ₹50 per month. Users have a 21-day trial period.

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