Natural Remedies: App Review

By Techpads | Last Updated: January 25, 2018- 5:01 pm
Natural Remedies App review

Natural Remedies app is not just about various natural methods to cure everything from toothaches to acne and even insomnia, it also has a segment on healthy recipes, yoga exercises that benefit the body and mind.

With our proclivity to Ayurveda and Nature Therapy, Natural Remedies appears to be an app that will definitely resonate with the Indian public. Created by Italian start-up, Kaleidos Studio, the app is available for free downloads on Google’s Play Store. The good news is that the app is not just about various natural methods to cure everything from toothaches to acne and even insomnia, it also has a segment on healthy recipes, yoga exercises that benefit the body and mind, updates from the scientific world on health, nutrition and nature, tip and tricks, and even Chromotherapy.

““Very helpful. Absolutely love it.” When we read feedback like this we are sure that we’ve reached our goal! We love natural remedies, they represent our lifestyle and we want to let other people know what we discovered in the years that we spent studying books and scientific articles. Some years ago, we noticed that we had a lot of information and we thought that it would be great to have all the info and advice on smartphone… in this way the app Natural Remedies came up,” stated Giorgia Cazzolli and Andrea Cazzolli, Cofounders of Kaleidos Studio.


What We Loved

The first thing we noticed was how user-friendly the app is. The user interface, with the beautiful wood-grain background, is easy to navigate, with items listed in alphabetic order, which makes them easy to locate. It definitely is a slick app, and what is even better is that it is stable.

The information content is great. There is loads of information on various natural ingredients, including essential oils, fruits and vegetables, and plants, in the natural remedy section. Each natural ingredient has a simple explanation, along with its uses and benefits. You can even mark your favourite natural remedies.

Then there is the Problems and Diseases section that lists common ailments and the natural remedies that are known to work. What is really interesting is the Science segment, which gives the user updates on the latest scientific findings on various natural remedies. So, you can even check for scientific proof of whether a natural cure works or not.

Another interesting segment is the Chromotherapy one. This is basically a method of using colours to relax the mind and body, relieving you of the day’s stress. Whether it works for you or not, you will need to check for yourself.

We also liked the fact that apart from the common illnesses, the app also tells you about natural ways to cope with anxiety, depression and other psychological issues that we all face at some point in life.

The Healthy Recipe segment is updated each week with a new recipe that you can try. I think I’m going to experiment with their butter-less cake recipe! And, the Tips & Tricks section is great too. It contains short video tutorials that teach you how to make many of the natural remedies for yourself at home, while giving easy fixes for small but frequent problems, such as chapped lips or swollen feet.


What We Missed

Given that this app is created by an Italian firm, it might be difficult to access some of the natural ingredients in India. Having said that, we also know that almost everything can be accessed right here in our country, albeit at a price. So, while Matcha tea is available, it could put your monthly budget back by a bit.

Another drawback, which might not be a limitation for many, is that you can’t really save any information to read later at your convenience. You will need to find the page from scratch each time. And, of course, the app doesn’t have information on every ailment on this planet. So, if you are looking for an uncommon illness or rare disease, you might not find natural remedies or other information for it.

But then, given the number of diseases that plague our planet, having all the information on all illnesses in a single app will not only be a Herculean task, it might make the programme too bulky for easy download and addition to a regular device.


The Last Word

Natural Remedies is definitely a great app, with tons of useful information. And, at 4.9 MB, it doesn’t even need too much space. It is a great resource for people who are vary of allopathic medication and prefer to try natural means to cure minor ailments. However, remember that the app comes with a disclaimer that it is not a replacement for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. So, if there is a condition that has been troubling you for sometime, it is useful to get a medical opinion, rather than self-medicating.

We would definitely recommend this app for anyone looking to lead a healthy and fit life the natural way.