Facebook Launches their Desktop Chat App for Workplace Along with Screen-sharing

By Techpads | Last Updated: October 9, 2017- 5:33 pm
Facebook Launches Desktop Chat Apps for Workplace

The company mentioned that Workplace Chat has been launched with the screen sharing feature, which had been widely requested by Workplace users.

Without much fanfare, Facebook has launched a desktop version of its chat software, Workplace, for both Windows and Mac. The new app, known as Workplace Chat, is still in the beta mode.

Facebook had released its team-collaboration service, Workplace, in 2016, to target business users. Browser-based Workplace, which costs between $1 and $3 per user per month, competes with Slack, the market leader in providing enterprise collaboration tools, with over six million daily users.

Screen Sharing Added

The company mentioned that Workplace Chat has been launched with the screen sharing feature, which had been widely requested by Workplace users. Screen sharing enables users to share whatever is there on their desktop, which facilitates coordination between remote teams.

The latest desktop app allows users to share their full-screen or specific desktop apps with others. It is still not clear whether the screen sharing feature allows users to edit what is being shared or simply view it.

Facilitating Collaboration

Much like Workplace, the latest app facilitates collaboration. It’s possible to communicate with all team members simultaneously as well as have a private chat with a particular team member. It’s also possible to create groups that are involved with specific tasks, sharing ideas together, getting onto the same page and making decisions quickly.

Apart from text messages, Workplace Chat has media sharing options, including images, videos, voice clips, emojis and GIFs.

The app allows collaboration with people from other companies (vendors, clients, etc.) by enabling multi-company groups.

Never Miss Out

The social media juggernaut’s latest desktop app has a dashboard that collates conversations and allows text search. This makes it easier to locate and view all messages related to a specific topic. The app allows you to opt for notifications that pop up on the desktop. This ensures that you know immediately if there’s a new update from someone on your team.

The News Feed features keeps you abreast of the most important happenings across your company.

Security is Key

This is a key consideration for organizations. Here’s where Facebook has already proved its mettle, being the world’s largest social network with more than a billion MAUs (monthly active users). Facebook has deployed these powerful security systems to safeguard data stored and exchanged by Workplace Chat.

Beta Version Released

Facebook has released the beta version of Workplace Chat so far, and is actively collecting feedback from users to improve the product and announce a wider rollout of the app. The app is currently compatible with Windows 7 and above, and macOS 10.9. If you’d like to test the beta version, you can install the app. Workplace Chat doesn’t require administrative privileges. So, you should be able to install the app unless it has been blocked by a system administrator.

Similar to the browser-based software, Workplace Chat comes in two versions, Standard and Premium. The Premium version has additional features that make the software even more user friendly. For instance, there are bots that help automate responses and organize repetitive tasks. Both versions require a corporate email ID to register and get started.